Securely Store Your BTC With MOX:




Storing Your Bitcoin Has Never Been This Easy is always accepting Bitcoin deposits from all over the world. Lock down your BTC In our secured storage with zero risk of losing your private keys. To send us your Bitcoin just use your wallet of choice and send any amount of BTC to our storage deposit address: 15JNUi7EPcHL95gkTfWdWf74h26qqnhLNJ

The transaction is just like any other BTC transaction. Once you have entered the desired amount you wish to secure in the MOX wallet in the ‘Pay To’ field, now enter your email address in the Label field. Send. That’s it. Once the blockchain confirms the transaction, your coins are secured.

  1. Enter amount of BTC you would like to secure in the ‘Pay To’ field
  2. Enter your contact email in the Label field
  3. Send BTC to: 15JNUi7EPcHL95gkTfWdWf74h26qqnhLNJ – your coins are now secured

 Our Wallet, Your Privacy

Safe, secure deposits with no questions asked. The best part is, it’s just one step. We never ask for your personal information, the security of your identity is our number one priority.



  • No withdraws
  • One-Step Deposits
  • No Account to create
  • No Personal information necessary.
  • Storage in our secure wallet
  • 100% Free, No Fees

There’s no sugarcoating it, we just want your BTC! So please send us some. More importantly and seriously, MOX.ORG the domain name is available for sale. If you are interested, click here to read more.