Our Goals

MOX, A Feel Better Exchange

Lets face it, the popular cryptocurrency exchanges are questionable, to say the least. Twitter and Reddit are filled with stories of coins lost, fiat deposits not received, accounts frozen or locked completely. They’re based across oceans, registered in some obscure city, and have less than stellar customer support. Not to mention the countless exchanges that have closed up shop overnight or shut down under criminal circumstances. It’s truly been the wild west. After what we saw in 2017, 2018 crypto has shown we need a path past that. Despite incredible growth, we still don’t have an exchange that feels wholesome, honest, or free from big money interests.

The crypto world is lacking an exchange that is the authority on trust.

Price Manipulation Becoming The Norm

Recently exchanges have been suspected in engaging in insider trading or otherwise manipulating their platform for profit. We’re talking about the BCH fiasco at Coinbase specifically, but there is so much more going on. This needs to stop. There needs to exist an exchange without investors looking for a return,  or executives looking for a bonus, but one built by and for the traders. We want to create a US based, fully transparent trading platform that feels 100% trustable and is 100% absent of influence. We want an exchange we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, the whole thing needs to feel better.

Mox Is A Project of Purity

We want to create a clean US based exchange that is absent of influence, that you can get a FIAT withdraw from without wondering if or when it will get there. We want to make money of course, but want to run with the lowest fees humanly possible. We want to support the top 25 coins to start, we want best in crypto email and chat support. We want you to have absolute assurance that if you have an issue -it will be resolved FAST.  No unanswered or broken English trouble tickets pending for weeks on end. We also want to introduce MOX currency to be used on our platform and between partners. We have a million ideas, and would love you hear yours too.

We are crypto believers just like you, but we hate how shady the whole crypto world has always been. MOX wants to crack a window, let the sunlight in, and introduce an exchange to the world that crypto can be proud of.

We will add updates slowly as we flesh out the phrases of development. We’re doing this on our own time and our own dime. Definitely subscribe to our email list if you want to keep updated. If you want to support this endeavor, we are accepting donations in the top 3 cryptocurrencies.

Support the MOX Project

Accepting Stage 0 Pre-ICO BTC donations of any size as we get the project rolling. Include contact email in your BTC transaction description. You’ll be notified first before any other community. As a thank you, donators in this stage will also receive MOX coins in a 5x higher proportion than Stage 1 of the ICO.