Can Be Yours

We would love to use our domain for the project, since it’s a stunningly perfect domain for this application. That said, we know it’s rare and valuable and would certainly part with it for a premium price. We could always choose another domain if it meant some cash in our coffers.

So, this premium domain name is potentially¬†for sale. Brand-able and short, with meaning and connotation across multiple sectors, it’s one of the strongest 3 letter pronounceable .ORG domains on the market. The “MOX” name obviously lends itself nicely to an Online Exchange. Asking price is 10 BTC.

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Some 3-letter .ORG domain sales are listed below, only one of which is pronounceable. A true rarity among 3- letter domains, and this one is aged 18 years. $20,000 @DomainNameSales $17,500 @DomainNameSales $10,000 @sedo $9,888 @sedo $7,140 @sedo $6,950 @sedo


If you are interested in the domain, want to make an offer, or have questions, please send us a message below.